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Bob works with LIfT Consulting on large-scale change projects.

Managing consultant, Shawn Quinn, helps companies get to the core of their purpose and mission. He is considered one of the leading practitioners of positive organizational scholarship in the world.

Together with his partner, Dan Duckworth, UK partner Mark Templeton, and Ryan Quinn (University of Louisville) they have worked with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies to instill positive values in their culture and increase their readiness for change.

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Long Term Results

I worked with Bob Quinn and his associates over 10 years ago during a time of tremendous change following a merger between my organization and a competitor. The senior team of the combined organization included several leaders from each of the previous organizations, including the president. He recognized that we needed help integrating the two existing cultures to create a new, vibrant culture for the combined entity. Bob brought us an approach to building a positive organization based on focusing on and utilizing everyone’s best self. He introduced us to the Competing Values Framework, which we still use today when discussing talent and putting teams together. We are a mission driven organization where many people speak about their work as their “calling,” something we learned from Bob. Our organization has been successful based on a number of different metrics in part because we have a low turnover rate and can attract great talent. Our associates and our clients tell us we are a different kind of organization, one that cares about others. We take that as a great compliment and I know it started with the work that Bob Quinn did with us back in 2004.

Helen Frye, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company