Online Speaking

The Story

The Covid pandemic has turned most of our lives upside down.  In the past I assumed that helping people make change required a face to face interaction.  As a result of the pandemic, I was hired to do my first online speaking and consulting engagements.  Those experiences convinced me that much can be accomplished in virtual interactions as well.  The ability to do it from home allows me to lower the price of a typical engagement.  I’m excited to share a new virtual opportunity for leadership teams.


90 Minutes with Bob Quinn


High performance is a function of deep change.  Engaging in deep change requires moving from conventional conversations to transformational conversations.  Bob Quinn has 45 years of experience in helping individuals, teams and organizations do what they cannot usually do


Presentations, Conversations, and Collective Inquiries 

Bob will spend 90 virtual minutes with you and your team.  He will ask participants penetrating questions and assist them so they can provide authentic answers.  He will facilitate a transformative conversation and take your team where needs to go.