Create a Positive Context

A positive organization is a place where people flourish and exceed expectations. One way that this happens is that a more positive context inspires them to behave in new ways.   An analogy might be helpful.
We went to see a massive display of flowers.  There were large crowds entering and I wondered if I would be disappointed.  As we walked through the fields the beauty was endless.  I felt increasingly peaceful.  Others also seemed to be elevated as I was.  There were many places where people had to wait or step out of each other’s way but everyone did it with kindness and cheer.  It struck me that complete strangers were making a spontaneous effort to collaborate. They were positively organizing. I am grateful for the beauty and for the goodness the beauty brought out in the people.  It occurs to me that when people are placed in a more positive context, they will spontaneously organize in a more positive way.

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