Taking Your Personal Passions to Work

Many of us have talents that we express at home. We then go to work and leave them behind. My son-in law wrote a passage in his gratitude journal. In it he told a story I think we should all consider.

“Yesterday I met my friend Daniel for lunch.  He and his wife just bought a house a few months ago and we swapped stories of being first-time homeowners.  Near the end of our conversation, I asked for any wisdom he had for making the transition into working at the Department of State in DC.  He mentioned that his mentor had encouraged him to bring his passion to his job.  He clarified that this did not mean finding passion for his job but rather taking things he was already passionate about and finding ways to inject that energy into his work.  He gave an example of how in a training for translators, he started each day with a poem–something he loves to do and which made the translators laugh and immediately brought energy to the training.”

What passions and talents do I leave at home?
How could I use one of them at work?
How could we use this passage to create a more positive organization?

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