The Positive Organization: A Sneak Peek

On August 24 my new book, “The Positive Organization” will be published and available in stores and on Amazon.  In honor of this event, I wanted to share some of the content found in the book for free (who doesn’t like free?) on my blog.  I will share an excerpt from each chapter in the book every day for the next week and a half.
The purpose of this book (as the title suggests) is to help people create more positive organizations.  A positive organization is filled with people who are empowered, fulfilled and engaged at work.  The book shares examples from real organizations, as well as five keys for making your own company more positive. The five keys are:  imbuing people with purpose, creating more authentic conversations, connecting people to new possibilities, orienting them to the common good, and facilitating the emergence of new, more positive cultures.
If you are interested in learning how you and the people you work with can feel more engaged, energized and renewed at work, this book can serve as a useful guide.  I hope you enjoy this week’s posts.

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