Becoming a More Positive Influence: Our History as a Personal Bank Account

A woman completed my video course, Becoming Who You Really Are.  It is comprised of 100, three minute leadership stories.  The participant views one per day over several months.

Upon finishing she wrote about one concept that particularly influenced her; “How to draw from your historical bank account.”  This means that both our past successes and failures are assets.  If we return to our successes and failures with the intention of learning from them, we begin to see that life has prepared us to make a contribution.

She indicated that she has spent months feeling down about the loss of her previous job and also about dysfunctional patterns on her previous team.  Her sense of failure made her want to go back in time and fix previous mistakes.

After watching one of the videos, she reports; “It shifted my perspective. I saw how this experience at my former workplace was part of my historical background in a way that supports my unique contribution to the world.”

Suddenly she shifted focus from the negative past to the possible future.  She began to ask how she could best contribute to the world.  With a new perspective, she clarified her highest purpose and immediately her confidence began to grow.

She notes an increase in influence.  Her boyfriend also began to change his behavior at work.  “This is so encouraging to witness because it makes me think I can positively impact those around me, maybe in ways I’m not aware of.”


  • What was the difference between her previous perspective and her new perspective?
  • Why did her influence increase?
  • What have your greatest failures and successes prepared you to contribute?
  • How could we use this passage to create a more positive organization?

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  1. This was excellent, Robert and done with much appreciated brevity. It hit me strong and then your questions were so well thought out and smartly worded that it opened up my mind further to “see” more clearly and come to important conclusions. My understanding has been increased.

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