Creating a Better Self

Self-change does not arise from willpower. Self-change derives from the clarification and pursuit of purpose in uncertain contexts. When we identify a result we want to create, we tend to set off on a new path. The future draws us into courage. Such movement is significant. Committing to a new path increases alertness. As we move forward, we have to pay attention and we develop a new awareness of things. With new awareness, we can make more effective choices. Our increased effectiveness verifies that we our learning.
Moving forward involves value clarification and the courage to act on the values that are clarified. When we act from our clarified values, we shift emphasis from what people expect to what it is we are uniquely configured to do. We are more internally directed. We begin to operate from both our head and our heart. Logical analysis and intuitive insight become integrated. Our awareness further expands. We become aware that we are developing a better self.
This better self is not willed into being. It is acted into being. When the conscious mind expands in awareness, behavior tends to change automatically, without willpower. The key is movement along a new path. The key to such movement is identifying a result we want to create.

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