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We are excited to share the news that one of Bob’s videos recently went viral on Faceboook.  We are at 7M views and climbing!  You can watch the video here.
One of the reasons this excites us, is because we are passionate about inspiring positive change and helping people to lead more positive lives.  Reaching that many people with a message that we strongly believe in is both humbling and thrilling.
Since the launch of this video we have received many, many emails about how an individual can find their purpose.  A lightbulb went off when we read the (over four thousand) comments on Facebook and recognized just how many people are hungry to understand their purpose and what they can do to feel more fulfilled and happy.
Bob has shared answers to this question in workshops, and throughout his various books, but we are hoping to create a new product that will help people find the answers they are seeking in a more targeted and personalized way.  We aren’t sure yet if it will be a book, brochure, website, webinars, or what, but we see the desire and want to help.
If you are interested in learning more, or in contributing to the development process, please go to, scroll down to the comments section and sign up for our newsletter/mailing list.  As we explore this further we will keep you posted and ask for your insights.
Thank you!

One comment on “Finding Purpose

  1. Your idea of a life statement really echoes what I have come to realise recently after having a hard time in my life. My own life statement has a handful of core values I try my hardest to guide ALL decisions in both my personal and professional life and by living with more integrity it has really helped me become truly happier.
    Another person I follow online, who I really rate and might be of some interest to you, recently wrote an article to do with having up to 5 core values you live by and also has this amazing line:
    “A life (and business) that is misaligned with these values is a life that will never bring fulfilment or happiness.”
    All the best

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