Help with New Book Title

I ask for your help in selecting the best title and subtitle for the new book that I am writing with Anjan Thakor.  The subject is the Economics of Purpose.
Please take a few minutes to complete a quick 6-question survey.  Please respond by 5:00 pm Pacific time this Thursday, March 22.
To take the survey, click on this link:
Thank you for your help.

4 comments on “Help with New Book Title

  1. Dear Bob Quinn,

    Thanks for asking with the six questions presented by you.

    Avery healthy sign of the times and reflective your perspective.

    I look forward to this book’s publication.

    Sloane Dugan
    Calgary, Alberta

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  2. Examples of Life Purpose Statements Online? Best book for help writing one? What if you are blocked from seeing or knowing your life or creative purpose??? This has been a lifelong issue….

    1. Hi Ellen. One of the best examples I’ve seen recently is Simon Sinek’s book, “Finding Your Why.” It’s a very practical approach to thinking about your purpose. Additionally, my daughter is currently working on a manuscript about her search for purpose over the last 20 years and how you can find yours. Stay connected to my social media for more info on that. Tell me more about how you are blocked and why you think you haven’t been able to find it. What have you tried? How have you failed?

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