Purpose and Growth

We are meant to be growing and progressing. Yet we often get stuck and we begin to stagnate. Sometimes, trying to solve our problem throws us into a self-defeating cycle and things get worse. The key is not problem solving but purpose finding. What result do we want to create? When we clarify purpose, we clarify values.
When we clarify what it is that we really value, what it is that we will embrace no matter what others do, something very important happens. Fear evaporates. We are filled with positive emotions and positive thoughts. We begin to see potential where we saw threat. As our awareness expands, we find new options and feel ourselves filled with power. We stop reacting and we become proactive. We feel renewed, reborn and revitalized. At such moments we let go of the past and move forward, learning and growing.
When have I been stuck?
When have I fully committed to a purpose?
How can we use this passage to create a more positive organization?

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