Discovering our Best Self

In my last blog entry, I reported the story of a boy who was being bullied and the mother who mentored him.  As I continued to ponder the story, I realized the mother was putting the son into the fundamental state of leadership. It is an elevated state of full commitment. Often we find the courage to enter this state when we’re moving forward into uncertainty and danger. A transformation occurs.  We discover a virtuous self that we did not previously believe in.
With this in mind, I reflected on two life experiences.  As a child, I once stood up to a bully and the bully evaporated just like the bully in the mother’s story.  It was a profound triumph.  My exercise of my newfound courage ignited my best self.
Later in life, I had an extended period when I had no choice but to do what I could not do. After many failures, I made a total commitment and entered the elevated state of action and learning. As I pursued a higher purpose with courage, I again discovered a best self I did not previously know.

  • When have you lived in total commitment to a higher purpose? What did you learn?
  • Is it possible for a team, unit, or organization to do the same?


2 comments on “Discovering our Best Self

  1. I have appreciated reading your blog posts. Since August ’16 when I found your blog and subscribed, they have frequently paralleled my journey and given me courage and empathy. In fact, no less than 10 times I would have sworn you knew my journey and wrote just for me. So thank you for keeping on doing it, even if you aren’t always aware of the difference you are making or the impact you are having. Much love and gratefulness.

    1. Thank you for those kind words. I am delighted that you find value in the blog as you make you way. In sharing your feedback you have set me off on my new day with very positive expectations. I am grateful.

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