The Choice to be Transformational

When I claim that anyone can be transformational, people get very uneasy.  In fact, some get angry.  When an idea makes someone angry, it leads me to suspect that it is a very important idea to explore.  People offer a variety of rationalizations to help them escape the painful accountability that is embedded in becoming transformational.  One of the primary rationalizations is that they can’t impact change because they do not hold a position of authority.
The bottom line is this:  We do not to be in positions of high authority to be transformational.  In fact, we need to have no authority except for the authority of our own souls.  We are all change agents.  Holding a position of authority has little or nothing to do with our ability to access the transformational process.  Being transformational is not about position but about values, thoughts, and behaviors.  We become transformational change agents through choice – our own.

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