Transcending Emotion

Most people act according to their feelings. Robert Fritz suggests that being committed to create a result allows a person to transcend emotions. No matter what you are feeling you are able to create.  When filled with despair the committed person creates, and when filled with joy the committed person creates.
This is a claim worth pondering. It is an extraordinary claim. It means that having a purpose matters. When we clarify and commit to a result we want to create we are living our values. We leave the victim mentality.   Moving forward activates our best self. Our emotions turn positive. We have new experiences and we learn and we grow.
When has purpose made me independent of emotions?
When have I been in the victim mentality and chosen to leave it?
How could we use this passage to create a more positive organization?

2 comments on “Transcending Emotion

  1. Thank you for sharing – I so enjoy your posts! This is very timely for me as I have just started a period of change steered by my life purpose and am feeling both apprehensive and excited. Will channel energy into focusing on the creation!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy them Rachael, and that you are moving forward in to new possibilities. Would love to hear more about the outcome and lessons learned. Best of luck!

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