Discovering the Underlying Template

As people pay the steep price for acquiring the positive perspective, they become more and more masterful. Eventually they gain a theory of influence that allows them to inspire positive change in any situation. They may make mistakes, like Harbaugh did in asking about George Halas, but they tend to recover. If we look for them, even in strange places, like a TV show, we can choose to learn from them and we can accelerate our own efforts to become masters of positive influence.

Way Finding: Learning from Maori Traditions

One of the things she studies is how Polynesians were able to navigate the ocean without any of the Western technologies. She speaks of the Maori navigator as the “way finder.” The way finder assumes that the canoe is stationary and the world is moving past. The challenge is to be “still” and ponder the various signals in the natural context. The island is “pulled” forward to the canoe.

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