Purpose and Empowerment

We do not reach peak levels of performance by repeating exactly the same processes that have worked in the past. Reaching a level of excellence usually involves analyzing each individual situation and determining what is right. Most of us seek quantum leaps in our performance levels by pursuing a strategy of incremental investment. This strategy simply does not work. The land of excellence is safely guarded from unworthy intruders. At the gates stand two fearsome sentries- risk and learning. The keys to entry are faith and courage.
All of us have times when we lack courage. The thought of moving forward in a given situation, stimulates negative emotions like fear and anxiety. The negative feelings give rise to negative thoughts. We can only see what we think we might lose. These fears tend to further paralyze us. We begin playing not to lose.
Yet it is not change that gives rise to these emotions. It is the anticipation of change and uncertainty that is paralyzing. The actual act of clarifying our purpose and deciding to do whatever is necessary to accomplish a given result is profoundly empowering.
We are empowered when we clarify our purpose. It is the moment when we finally say “This is who I am, this is where I going, and I will endure what I must endure in order to go there.” In clarifying purpose, we are immediately filled with positive emotions. Those positive emotions give rise to positive thoughts. Our awareness expands. Those positive emotions are also contagious. Others are lifted by what we feel. Intentional forward movement is empowering. The fear of embracing such change is disempowering.

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  1. Wonderful – thank you. One of our company values is Clarity of Purpose. This is something which will definitely be reviewed and discussed as one of our learning and talking points.

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