Choosing Slow Death: Manager 6

Our final manager talks about losing faith in their leaders.
“Our top management people are ill-equipped to deal with the realities of our situation.  We need sweeping changes.  Their tools obtained at the best business schools, are simply inadequate for facing our current competitive environment.  They know how to manage, not how to lead.  Besides, it is too late.  We cannot be saved by willing it, even from the top.  It’s like trying to find a golf swing the day before the Masters.”
I the process of slow death people lose faith in their leaders.  This occurs because people in leadership positions tend to resort to control and the processes of normal management.  But they need to do the opposite:  to learn, to envision, to join with their people in the process of deep change.  Because they continue to follow normal practices, they lose crucial time.  When the moment of crisis arrives, the organization does not have the characteristics it needs for survival.  It is too late.
Are any of these patterns familiar?
Have you experienced them in your own organization?
What could you or other leaders have done to halt the process of slow death and turn it around?
(The Deep Change Field Guide, p. 31-34)

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  1. This is so true. I have experienced this in a couple of departments in companies I have worked in. The supervisor or VP become entangled in holding things over the employee’s head to make themselves look good when in reality it is lack of leadership/faith in what they are doing that make them choose the wrong path. Bob, these are so eye opening. Thank you.

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